Week in the Life 2013: Wednesday

As true with any week, Wednesday had it's normal moments and it's unexpected ...

6:27am Reading. This was after waking us at 5:55 when he climbed into our bed.  I sent Dylan to his room until the "bunny woke up" for quiet play time so I could get ready. 
Fixing breakfast. #weekinthelife
6:48am Fixing breakfast.
Powering up the Mac for a bit of me time while he's in speech therapy. #weekinthelife #preschooler
8:21am Powering up the Mac for "me time" while he's in his weekly speech therapy.
9:31am Snack time.
Fill up.
9:41am Stop at BJs for gas.
4:13pm Received photo & text from Trent. Afternoon team building. 
Afternoon tea. #weekinthelife
4:32pm Fixed a cup of green tea (iPhone w/ text using Over app)
Drive home. #weekinthelife
6:06pm We work & live in the city, but our route home takes us through farmland.
Playing with the new goal his uncle gave him. #weekinthelife
6:39pm Shooting hoops with Uncle Ben. (Failed to get a clear shot.)
Helping fix his dinner. #weekinthelife
7:10pm Cutting up strawberries & cucumber for his dinner.
Dinner. #weekinthelife
7:12pm Last minute dinner plans after surprise visit from Trent's brother.
Bedtime for the 4yo always includes Seahorse. #weekinthelife ❤
8:28pm Later bedtime due to his uncle visiting. Seahorse is a must at every bedtime.
Common evening. Hers & his. #weekinthelife
9:45pm Typical weekday night. Hers & his.


  1. Ha ha I love the last pic...we just got a Kindle Fire so now we both have our connection to the web!

    1. It's good & bad. Beats me hiding upstairs on the desktop like I used to have to do. But, his laptop is from work - a change in our routine from last time I did this project.


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