DIY Disney Stroller Tag

When planning for Disney, I frequently saw mentions of stroller tags to identify your stroller. Throughout your visit in the parks, you have to leave your stroller in stroller parking areas. Cast members will shift the strollers as needed to fill the space as much as possible. Meaning your stroller might not be in exactly the same spot you left it. Plus, if you have a popular type/style, it's very possible to see many that look just like yours.

We took our Maclaren Volo. Amazingly, I only spotted one identical stroller during our entire visit. Possibly a perk of having a color scheme that's now a few years old? Regardless, two things helped us spot our stroller quickly - the liner I made a couple years ago and the stroller tag I made for the trip.

If you search online, there are LOTS of ideas and even some free download & print styles especially for the park rentals. I decided to use some supplies I had on hand and put one together in just about 30 minutes.

I wanted something simple that would help identify our stroller for our 4 days at Walt Disney World. Well, it did that and then some. I confess, 4 months later and it's still on our stroller and looking as good as it did the day I attached it. Maybe I'll remove it later. Maybe. I kind of like that bit of Disney on there.

Supplies: white card stock, Waltograph & Tekton Pro fonts; Disney scrapbook papers; QuicKutz Tangerine font, Mickey's shoe eyelet; Scotch Photo Laminating Sheet - wallet size; ziptie.

*Updated March 2014: Find my free template and printable to create your own stroller tag here **


  1. I think this is a great and really cute idea. Do you happen to have the template that you could share for this?

    1. Good question! My original intent was to share one but I ran out of time. I'll add it to my "to do" list and update with a link.


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