Week in the Life 2013: Friday

Lots of food pics (extra hungry yesterday?) and while a bumpy start, Friday the 13th went pretty well ...

6:35am Necessary morning wash after 5am bedding change.  
7:07am Breakfast. My usual - half a bagel and a bowl of Basic 4.
"I want to wear this, Mama. I want to make you happy." - heart melts
And then he marked up the wall with his new toy plastic hammer from his uncle. (Guess who's getting Magic Eraser duty tomorrow?)

Afterward, I knocked over my travel mug of iced coffee spilling it onto the wall & floor in foyer (no photo of that mishap).
Perhaps why my morning was full on chaos before 8am? #weekinthelife #Fridaythe13th
Forgot it was Friday the 13th until my boss reminded me. Maybe explains the pure chaos before 8am??
Morning treat of Boberrys. #weekinthelife
11:00am Late morning snack treat from a coworker - Bo-Berry biscuits. (The day has taken a turn for the better!)
Lunch time cookout social. #weekinthelife
12:29pm Lunch time cookout.
Lunch time social with a fellow company. #shavedice #weekinthelife
Cookout ended with shaved ice.
'A' is for alligator! #weekinthelife
5:44pm 'A' is for Alligator
An everyday occurrence living in the flight path except today they were taking off instead of landing. Only 2nd time this week. #weekinthelife
6:45pm A typical sight living in the flightpath. Today the planes were taking off instead of landing - only 2nd time this week.
Thankful for a husband who cooks! Dinner was ready when we got home. #weekinthelife #latergram
Thankful for a husband that cooks! Dinner ready when we got home.
Evening game time. #weekinthelife
7:36pm Evening game time
One bathroom clean (minus tub crayons on the shower wall). 1.5 to go. #weekinthelife
8:00pm One bathroom cleaned (minus the soap crayon drawings on the tub wall). 
Napping behind me on the couch. #weekinthelife #cat #tortie
11:19pm Napping behind me on the couch. Her typical evening spot.


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