Week in the Life 2013: Sunday

The final day of the #weekinthelife project for this year. A calmer day of just the 3 of us.

Chilly morning (55) = slippers. #weekinthelife
7:51am Only 55˚ so we started our day with slippers on.
8:47am Homemade favorite by Trent. We typically have these once per weekend. (iPhone w/ text using Over app)
12:10pm His favorite part of the Sunday paper - the kids' section in the comics.
He was quiet. This is what I found. #weekinthelife #preschooler #playroom
1:13pm Practicing writing his alphabet.
1:46pm Visit to the Scrap Exchange in Durham. Dropped off a box of donations and browsed. Bought one item (wooden dinosaur fossil puzzle) that Dylan picked out.
Hurray! Honey crisp apples are in. #weekinthelife #fall
3:42pm One of my fall favorites - Honeycrisp apples. Found when making a rare trip to the grocery store. Most weeks I take advantage of the online order and pickup option.
Incoming tonight. ✈ #weekinthelife #latergram
5:24pm Incoming flights passing overhead. 
Playing with a selfie in PicTapGo. #weekinthelife
6:15pm Playing around with edits to a selfie in PicTapGo app. Eyes were dry so I ditched the contacts earlier than usual and put on my glasses.
6:26pm Impossible to get this one to stay still for a photo.
6:43pm Cleaned and refilled the Penguin humidifier. A few sneezes on Saturday = a bit more sneezes and a slight runny nose on Sunday. Fingers crossed it's nothing more than allergies. Pollen is up and he was outside a lot this weekend.
7:30pm Bedtime reading - The Honey Hunt. Put Dylan to bed a bit early due to no nap and an early start on Monday morning.
8:34pm Regular Sunday evening phone call from my Dad.

9:09pm Fitting that I should end the week as every night - on the couch uploading photos & blogging while catching up on shows on our DVR. 

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  1. I want some of those pancakes! And the weather has been so nice!


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