Hidden Mickeys

On previous trips to Walt Disney World, Trent & I have had fun hunting for hidden (and not so hidden) Mickeys. Dylan was just old enough during our trip in May to play along himself. Once we showed him a couple, he got the hang of it and had fun pointing out any Mickey likeness he saw. To this day he will make a hidden Mickey any chance he gets (3 M&M's = hidden Mickey, 3 slices of cucumber = hidden Mickey, etc). So cute.

As he also is really into the camera and getting photos of certain things, he often asked me to take photos of the Mickeys he spotted. Thus, we have the page dedicated to Mickey in our trip album:

I created a template with a simple grid outline to arrange all the photos. The larger picture of Dylan with the Mickey Mouse ice cream is straight from Instagram.

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  1. Dylan is so cute! I love the grid layout for all of your photos. I now feel the need to go back to Disney. :)


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