birthday to my brother, Christopher!

And a happy Thanksgiving to all! :)

Supplies: Bazzill (dark brown) and miscellaneous (gray & light brown) cardstocks; Basic Grey and Chatterbox patterned papers; black stamp ink; Fiskars border punch; Jolee's sticker; adhesive backed foam squares. Inspired by November A Year in Cards class at Two Peas.



Everywhere I turn there are lists of what a baby should, could, might be doing at certain ages. While I skim the monthly lists in one of my books, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about them. I trust we'll hit each accomplishment in due time and want to have fun with Dylan. Enjoy his baby days.

This relaxed attitude might be part of why I missed a new milestone until our pediatrician pointed it out to me at our checkup on Friday - Dylan can tripod! I thought it would still be a month or two before we'd be close to this and nearly fell over when she showed me.

Yesterday morning I set Dylan up just to see again and, sure enough, he stayed up long enough for me to snap a few photos...

Flashed a big grin seconds before he tipped over...

I'm still sticking to my initial "we'll get there when we get there" attitude, but I confess I'm pretty darn proud. And curious as to what else he can do.


Four Months

Dylan had his four month checkup this morning. He's now 15 pounds and 27-1/4inches long!

Other highlights of the month:

* Learned to push the music button on the green fish in his gym.

* Likes to be rocked to sleep.

* Began grabbing his feet. Especially fun game when there are little animals on his footed outfits:

* Loves to hold anything he can get his hands on. Examine objects carefully. And pass them from hand to hand. As well as stick them in his mouth, of course. ;)

* Increasing leg strength. We're having to keep an extra careful eye during tummy time on the Boppy because of it. Last week he managed to push himself over the Boppy and face first into the floor.

* Much more talkative.

* Lots of laughing.

* Almost rolling over - he keeps getting stuck on the arm underneath. And, unfortunately, he sometimes enjoys practicing in the middle of the night - roll to side, get stuck with arm underneath, cry for mom, mom comes and rolls him back, mom goes back to bed ... 10 minutes later repeat.

* Turned on the Seahorse all by himself.

* Celebrated his first holiday and attended his first party.

* Teething. Dylan has become a finger chewing, drooling machine. LOL

* A total camera ham for me. Whenever he sees me holding the camera, he strikes a pose. This is great except when I'm trying to catch a natural moment or when I attempt to make a video using it. During the latter, he'll stare my way and give a "why aren't you snapping?" look. LOL


A Good Day

Dylan & I spent most of my birthday relaxing at home. We enjoyed some of our usual activities such as tummy time (he's getting so much better at it!) and I worked on his stocking (realized that I better kick my stitching into high gear if I'm going to get it finished in time though).

After Trent came home from work, the 3 of us headed out to Durham to meet my dad, his wife & my stepbrother for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Dylan fell asleep on the car ride over and woke in time to have a bottle while I enjoyed a slice of chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake (yum!!). Poor little guy seemed a bit confused as to where he was and that shows in his expression here:

All in all, yes, it was a very good day. :)


Looking Back

On the eve of my 31st birthday, I find myself thinking about how quickly the year has passed and how much has happened...

I've become a mother. It's the most amazing thing to me.

I've learned to appreciate life more.

I'm healthier. In Jan 2008 I set myself a goal to lose 40 pounds. I made it halfway before my pregnancy and 30th birthday. Since Dylan's birth I've lost 18 of the remaining 20 lbs.

The downturn in the economy has actually been a blessing as it has given me an opportunity to take an extended leave from work so I can spend more time with my son.

I'm happier than I have been in a long time and I think motherhood is part of the reason - Dylan really does bring an extra bit of joy to my life.

I'm looking forward to what the next year will bring.


halloween '09

Photos from Dylan's first Halloween and first party:

Supplies: Stampin' Up (blue) and miscellaneous (black) cardstock; American Crafts and October Afternoon patterned papers; black stamp ink; Micron black pen; Making Memories glitter letter stickers. Scraplift of 1 month layout on April 15th of dw2008.



Dylan & me at the polls last week:

I downloaded a sample copy of the ballot (removed the words "sample ballot") from the county election website. And also included the sticker I was given after voting and the newspaper article summarizing the results.

Supplies: Archiver's (blue) and Bazzill (red & white) cardstock; black stamp ink; Micron black pen; KI Memories lace paper; Therm O Web memorabilia pocket; Making Memories letter stickers. Inspired by the October Super Sketches class at Two Peas.


Anniversary Card

Here's the card I made for Trent this year:

Supplies: Die Cuts with a View card; miscellaneous green cardstock; Deja Views, Scenic Route & Cosmo Cricket patterned papers; black stamp ink; Prima flower; Making Memories button & stitches. Inspired by October A Year in Cards class at Two Peas.


Happy Day!

It's been six years since we said "I do"...

and one year since we learned we were expecting our sweet boy who celebrates 16 weeks today...

A very happy day. :)

Supplies: Black Frame from Rhonna Farrer's Color My World kit; butterfly from Rhonna Farrer's Fashion Patisserie brush set.


Thursday Thirteen #5: Motherhood

Thirteen things Motherhood has taught me so far...
  1. I can survive on very little sleep.
  2. I can get a bit irritable on very little sleep. ;)
  3. My "mommy instincts" are right for us more often than not.
  4. Burp cloths and spit up on the shoulder are fashion statements. LOL
  5. If he's going to spit up, it will be after a bath - not before.
  6. If I want Dylan in "cute" outfit for something, do not put it on him until seconds before.
  7. How to change a diaper in the dark and half asleep.
  8. Always pack a few more diapers than you think you will need.
  9. Naps are wonderful things.
  10. It's okay if the only thing I get done in a day besides caring for Dylan is taking a shower.
  11. I love spending my days with my son but also treasure my "me" time.
  12. It really is hard work.
  13. There is nothing better than his smiles & laughter...


First Civics Lesson: Voting

Dylan accompanied me to the polls today: