Week in the Life 2013: Monday

Another round of Ali Edwards's Week in the Life has begun. It started yesterday, but if you missed it, you can join in at any point. Truly this is a very flexible, personal memory keeping adventure which is part of the reason I enjoy it.

You don't have to be a scrapbooker to do this. I made a photo book last spring after attempting to participate a couple times in the past (who knows, maybe I'll finish one of those books too someday). Thumbing through the 2012 book and photos from 2010, it's interesting to see how much life has changed and stayed the same.

Be prepared. This will be the first of 7 days of straight blog posting, but I plan to be less wordy in the rest of the posts. :)

Here's a brief look at our Monday with a mix of iPhone and point & shoot photos (yep, I didn't touch the DSLR once - that's just the way it goes sometimes) ...

Morning routine. #weekinthelife
Morning routine - let the day begin.
Monday morning #weekinthelife
Off to work & preschool (iPhone w/ text using Over app)
Desk - midday. #weekinthelife
My desk - midday. (Yes, I need to get some pictures on the walls!)
Awful rattling noise from next door making me crazy. @flipsaudio to the rescue. #weekinthelife
Noisy fitup construction next door (iPhone w/ Rhonna Designs app)
Self portrait by my 4yo #weekinthelife
Self portrait by Dylan in preschool
And the 4yo has mastered the camera timer. #weekinthelife
Photo by Dylan using camera timer (one lesson & he's a pro!)
Bedtime reading. #weekinthelife #preschooler #latergram
Bedtime reading - Dear Zoo
Monday night football & blogging #weekinthelife
Evening tv & computer time (iPhone w/ text using Over app)


  1. Girl you not only need photos on your office wall, you need some color! Love that Dyan figured out the timer so quickly. It took me at least an hour the first time and I have to review it every time for about 3-4 takes!

  2. Looks like a busy but productive day :)


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