Wordless Wednesday


Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with wonder and joy!



Dylan cracked me up on Monday. He was playing in his new exersaucer and just began chatting away. I started filming and ended up with a full 2 minutes of his commentary. A bit too much to upload so I clipped a small bit to share:


Meeting Santa

I lifted a layout & sketch from the April 2009 issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. by Amy Light for this page about Dylan's first meeting with Santa:

And was inspired by last week's weekly challenge at Two Peas was to tell the story from Santa's perspective:

Supplies: Archiver's, Stampin' Up, and Bazzill cardstocks; Bazzill Just the Edge scallops; Basic Grey patterned paper; Staz-On black stamp pad; Making Memories date stamp, buttons and stitches; Autumn Leaves buttons; Berylium and Script MT Bold fonts.


Five Months

A few highlights of Dylan's fifth month...

* Able to put Soothie in his mouth by himself.

* Excited when Dad returns home from work each day. Dylan gives him a big smile and reaches out to him.

* Started eating rice cereal. In the mouth, down the chin, repeat....

* Likes playing peek-a-boo. He'll put his burp cloth over his face to "hide" while I ask "where's Dylan?" When he uncovers his face, I say "There he is!" Dylan laughs and kicks excitedly. And we start all over again. :D

* Celebrated his first Thanksgiving and took his first road trip.

* Hugs. When I pick him up, Dylan will sometimes wrap his arms tightly around my neck. Love it.

* Loves Cali & Chester. Whenever one is within his view, Dylan lights up and gets a big smile on his face.

* Fascinated by our Christmas tree.

* First cold - definitely a milestone I wasn't looking forward to.

* Met Santa Claus.

* Learned to roll over. After his first roll - so proud of his new skill. :)

* Starting to sleep on his tummy.

* Tripoding for longer stretches.

* First snow yesterday. Although it's impossible to tell from the photos I took - there were snow flurries falling. The ground was too warm and the temps quickly climbed too so it turned into a cold rain instead. But, for the few minutes we were out enjoying the flurries, Dylan was having a great time watching them fall.


Santa Letter

Dylan had a special letter in the mail today. As you can see, he examined the front of the envelope carefully...

How exciting - a letter from Santa!

Straight to Dylan from the North Pole...



I've had this photo from Dylan's first restaurant trip sitting on my desk for months and finally was inspired to scrap it:

I printed the logo from the restaurant's website and then hand wrote my journaling including a list of the friends we met for lunch.

Supplies: Bazzill cardstock; Chatterbox patterned paper; miscellaneous navy blue paper clip; Making Memories spiral paper & date stamp; StazOn Timber Brown stamp pad; Martha Stewart Crafts sepia pen; K&Company rub-on.


Big Day

What a big day Dylan had yesterday! My cute little elf and I went to the mall to run an errand...

While there, we met Santa which was apparently very serious business...

Dylan was all smiles before. Would smile at me between photos. All smiles after. And got the biggest grin looking at the photos on the computer when we returned home. But, no, not even the slightest hint of a smile while I took pictures.

After we returned home, I put him on his back on a blanket in our living room to stretch out and play with his toys. I stepped away for moment to get something from the kitchen and when I came back, he was on his tummy! Dylan rolled over for the first time. A moment later he did it again (I saw it this time!) so I set up the video camera on a tripod next to him to try to capture another roll and sure enough...

It seems as though he's almost mastered it as he rolled over several more times - I even found him on his tummy in his crib a couple times overnight.



Chester came home on Saturday and seemed very happy about it. After running around checking everything out, he curled up on the sofa for a nap.

Cali did not take his return quite as well. Any time he gets near, she runs away and hisses at him. I'm not sure if it's the "vet smell" or if she thinks we brought home a new cat. Just hoping it ends soon and that she comes down from the top of the kitchen cabinets where she's been hiding.

Meanwhile, Dylan is also feeling much better. And he is very happy to have both his kitties home. Especially since Chester has come right up to him several times and let Dylan pet him. :)


Words to Live By

A counselor at summer camp when I was a teenager hung these words on each girl's locker in our cabin. I've kept my copy in a safe place all these years and thought it was a good fit for Kim's Words to Live By circle journal.

This particular circle journal was bittersweet to work on as it marks the end. I shipped it to Kim on Monday and found my own on my doorstep Wednesday afternoon. I haven't opened the box to mine yet. Instead I placed it under our Christmas tree to enjoy on Christmas Day - although it is quite tempting to look! :)

Supplies: Rose Moka patterned paper; Bazzill white cardstock; EK Success border punch; staples; unknown flower; Autumn Leaves button; Making Memories stitches; Micron black pen; poem author unknown.



This month certainly hasn't started off like I thought it would. I came down with a cold last Monday. I still have not entirely shaken it. By Friday, I had to take Chester to the vet as he was also sick. He's still there with pancreatitis and an upper respiratory infection. Meanwhile Dylan began showing signs on Sunday that he had caught my cold. So he too is sniffling, coughing, sneezing, etc. I took him to the pediatrician on Tuesday to be sure that it was in fact *just* a cold and hadn't progressed into anything else as he seemed worse. Thankfully, he's now showing improvement although the doctor warned it could take 2-3 weeks for all the symptoms to clear up!

Yesterday Dylan and I went to the vet's office for a bit to visit with Chester. Each day we kept thinking he might be home the next and, with Dylan sick, it had just been too much before then. Dylan was acting as though he was feeling better and was much less congested mid-day so I took the chance and off we went. As you can see, Chester curled right up in my lap while Dylan happily watched (he loves his cats):

I petted Chester for a bit (and was covered in fur to prove it) until he jumped down and went to hide under a chair. I took that as the sign he'd had enough and was ready to rest. Gave him several kisses goodbye and took my other sick little boy home (who was ready to eat and nap by then).

Each day we hope it will be the day we can bring Chester home, but he's just not quite there yet. He needs a little more care than I can manage right now with caring for Dylan's cold. As much as I miss having him here, I know we've done the best thing having the vet care for him right now.


Happy birthday, Charles!

Supplies: Die Cuts with a View card; A2Z Essentials patterned paper; black stamp ink; Making Memories tag & snap; Pebbles Inc rub-on sentiment.


Let's Roll

Chester teaches Dylan about rolling:


Road Trip

We took Dylan on his first big road trip for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and drove to Virginia to visit some of my family. He did very well - slept the first half of the ride and rode happily most of the rest.

We went to his Great Papa Smith's house on Thursday where he managed to sleep through Thanksgiving lunch - waking only after most of the family had left.

Wishing his Uncle Christopher a happy birthday:

On Friday, Dylan & I accompanied Grama & Pops to a Christmas tree farm where Pops cut down their tree. The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the farm was beautiful. It was a cold day - perfect Christmas weather.

Dylan posing with Grama & Pops before we left on Saturday morning:

On the way home, we stopped for a visit with his Great MawMaw and Great PawPaw (Trent's grandparents). They were more than thrilled with the surprise visit from their only great grandchild.

Sunday the three of us enjoyed a quiet day together including a long walk outdoors (it was 69 and sunny!) and picking out our own Christmas tree.