Week in the Life 2013: Thursday

Another full day. I'm amazed how much still happens (and I manage to capture) in our lives even when we're apart most of the day with work & preschool.

#weekinthelife He came out of his room. Said, "it's still sleep time!" Went back in and shut the door. Minute later he's back out w/2 loveys and his Cars blanket and curling up in the hall. #preschooler #lethimstayuptoolatelastnight
6:47am Silly, sleepy boy brought his Cars blanket & 2 loveys in the hall and pretended to go back to sleep.
Breakfast - rare it's all 3 of us on a week day. #weekinthelife
7:09am A rare weekday breakfast with all 3 of us briefly at the table together!
Soccer day at school but he had no interest in wearing his shirt. #weekinthelife
7:30am Soccer day at preschool, but he didn't want to wear his shirt.
Thrifting at lunch. #weekinthelife
12:23pm Lunchtime thrifting. Ended up with 2 frames & a book for $4.80.
Haircuts for the boys. #weekinthelife
5:42pm Heading into Great Clips for haircuts for Trent & Dylan.
Haircuts for the boys. #weekinthelife #latergram
5:50pm Holding still while getting a haircut.
6:20pm Dinner at Jason's Deli - deli club, fruit plate and kid's salad bar.
Post dinner cheeses. #weekinthelife
6:44pm Having fun taking selfies after dinner.
"For you, Mama!" #weekinthelife
7:04pm "For you, Mama!"
7:15pm Visiting with neighbors. Dylan was helping check on their vegetable garden while their 11mo son was crawling around the yard.
Hung poster. #weekinthelife
8:07pm One of the thrift store frame purchases was a poster frame for this NCSU poster we got at Meet the Pack day. Excited to find the exact size I needed for $2 plus discovered when I got home the plastic still on the plexi. Like new! Now hanging in Dylan's bedroom.
Found him in bed ready to read with Abby his plush elf. Notice he placed Abby's hand on his. ❤ #weekinthelife #preschooler
8:15pm He climbed into bed, put his elf Abby in his lap and opened a book to "read" to him. My heart melted when I noticed he put Abby's hand on his. :)
#weekinthelife #latergram Watching Big Brother (my 1 reality show addiction) and working on @shutterfly photo book of our #Disney trip. Had hoped to finish but 1 page to go and I need to get to bed.
Watching Big Brother (my one reality addiction) and working on our Disney trip photo book. One more page to go. Couldn't quite finish before bedtime.


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