Fabric Marble Maze

In December, I made 6 fabric marble mazes - one for Dylan and one for each of the older kids in our playgroup. Each maze had it's own fabric combination. Of course, I completely forgot to photograph the ones we gifted. But they all generally looked like this:

I used a template provided from Sew Very Simple blog here to cut the rectangle fabric pieces and mark the maze lines. After cutting the fabric, place front and back pieces together with right sides facing. Sew around all sides leaving an opening in one of the shorter ends. Turn right side out. Sew maze lines. Place marble into maze and sew opening in end closed.

The fabric marble maze provides a quiet, eye/hand coordination activity for children. The idea being you use your hands to move the marble through the maze from one end to the other. Honestly, I've found it rather relaxing myself and played with it several times.

Supplies: fabric (monkey toss - David Walker); thread; marble.


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