Happy Halloween!

If you've come from SITS Girls Blogtober, welcome to a "throwback" post as well as a Throwback Thursday Halloween photo from my childhood circa 1985.

Thought I would share a few fun photos from our Halloween decor. To answer last night's question, water noodles, pvc piping and zip ties plus a few creative costumes make great Halloween mannequins. My husband crafted 3 for our home - pumpkin man, Jason and ninja boy. We had every reaction from the kids and parents - nothing to pure fear. Ninja boy was set up by our door as though he was trick-or-treating. One little girl turned to him to show him what candy she got. :D

Today's 2ps challenge:
Share a Halloween memory you have as a child.

The first memories that came to mind when I saw today's blog challenge were costume related:

The white dress and veil in the photo on the right have stuck in my mind as probably my favorite childhood costume. I remember the cotton material with little eyelets and how fancy I thought it was.

My second recollection is of the plastic costumes my sister & I had in later years. Remember the ones that were a vinylish material - almost like coveralls except they tied in the back behind your neck? And each had a plastic face mask with an elastic band. I can still smell that distinctive odor they had.


Twas the night before Halloween....

Today's 2ps challenge:
have you carved your pumpkins yet? If so did you take pics to make a layout

We carved our pumpkin last year. Yup, it's a craft pumpkin from Michaels. My husband and I decided it was time for a change from carving up real pumpkins and messing with all the goo. For now, we'll stick with this pumpkin each year.

I did not take any pictures of the carving process. The picture to the left I took tonight. :)

For fun, a little creative question: What do you get from a dozen or so water noodles, pvc piping and zip ties? :) I'll share the answer tomorrow....


Testing. Is this thing on?

Ok, so I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. In reality, I've been here before - before blogging was cool. ;) I had my own webpage and eventually website for about 6 years altogether but grew tired of maintaining the site and found various other hobbies to steal away what little time I had for it. Now I've decided to try again in a new, simpler form. Let's see how long this little adventure lasts.