Our Family - the layout

Playing catchup as always on the scrapbooks. :) We had family photos taken in September. This is one of my favorites.

Design inspired by Life is WonderFall by Brenda Cazes.

Supplies: Road to Success and Elementary kits by Karen Funk; Still mini kit by Gennifer Bursett; Pixels & Co More or Less collaborative kit; Destination Adventure freebie kits by Robyn Meierotto and Shannon McNab; Bugaboo kit by Deena Rutter.


A Goofy Birthday?

A bit of an early (Thursday) throwback today in honor of my sister's birthday.

Breakfast with Goofy

This photo was too cute not to share. That's Mary on the left and me on the right with Goofy at a character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort in April 1984. Our first trip to Walt Disney World. Before today I never realized that 1) apparently she got a birthday trip there [dear parents, where was my birthday trip to Disney?? ;) ]; 2) that lady in the background looks terrified of Goofy. Did she miss the memo it was a character breakfast? and 3) what's up with Goofy's eyelashes? I honestly don't recall them looking quite like that on my visit last year.

In all seriousness, a very happy birthday to my little sister! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and celebrating your birthday again.


Blurb's My Favorite Person Contest

Mother's Day is under a month away. Need a gift idea? How about a Blurb book? What mom doesn't love photos and a printed book created by you is always special no matter the occasion. To sweeten the deal, Blurb is currently hosting a contest for a chance to win $2,500 - all you have to do is create a book about your favorite person (Hint: you're sure to be your mom's favorite person with a gift like this!).

Blurb's My Favorite Person Contest

Need an idea of what to write about? Take a look at this video and see what other people have to say about their favorite people:


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Find all the contest details HERE regarding categories and when entries are due.

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First (Dentist) Visit

Dylan recently had his third - third! - dental cleaning. I'm shaking my head wondering how he grew up so fast. He hasn't even needed us in the room with him since the first visit. He just kicks back, lays still and lets the hygienist work while Trent or I head to another room to get our teeth cleaned. Both the hygienist and dentist have told us he's better than some adults!

I like to think part of it is because his first visit was so successful. I did stay with him that entire visit and the hygienist carefully talked him through each part. Afterwards he got to "clean" the teeth on a toy alligator with a giant toothbrush. He loved it.

First (Dentist) Visit

Supplies: Destination: Adventure freebie by Shannon McNab; Blossom kit by Karen Funk; I Love Boys by Robyn Meierotto; Adobe Caslon Pro, Arial and Dancing Script OT fonts.


Candy Tasting

I have a sweet tooth. And I appreciate supporting local businesses. That combination led me to joining the focus group for Butterfields Candy - a company whose product I personally like and recommend.

Butterfields Candy has been around since 1924 and is made in Nashville, NC, just northeast of Raleigh. Currently there are 4 flavors of their hard candy available - Lemon Buds (my personal favorite), Peach Buds, Honeybell Buds and Key Lime Buds. I can say firsthand that all 4 are delicious and, if you haven't tried them, you should. They are available at select local stores or online through their website.

If you are in the Triangle Area, Butterfields is still looking for taste testers (no previous experience with their candy required) as they test possible future flavors. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion only. I did receive free candy as part of the Focus Group, but no posts or other social media were required.


Kitchen Remodel Update: Granite Shopping

Real life remodels? They take time. I look forward to sharing a neat & tidy "before and after" post on our kitchen remodel (better yet - enjoying that kitchen!), but that will be in a few months. As it is, we've already been working on replacing our countertops for 2 months!

Ok, so it hasn't been a constant process. We started by attending a home show to get a quick idea of some of the installers available without driving all over the city. We met a few people we liked, made a list and are slowly working through the list.

Kitchen Remodel: Granite Shopping

Our first quote came from a major retailer. We thought we'd give it a shot to see where the numbers fell. Well, at nearly $6,000 for our 37 square foot of counters required and no colors/styles that really had us excited, we politely declined.

Our second stop led us to a smaller installer that has a sales office close to home. We found 2 options in their current sale section where we can get new granite counters for $1500. Huge savings over the previous quote and we actually found a couple colors/styles that we like. We were given a list of 4 distributors in the area that this installer uses so we can visit and select a slab.

Yesterday we visited the first of the distributors during lunch and found 3 possibilities. Unfortunately, none were an exact match to the samples. The first we saw is similar to one of the options we found in the installer's showroom. The other 2 were a bit different. Our favorite of these 3, of course, fell in the "mid-high" range. Waiting to see where the numbers fall and decide what our next step will be.

Our number one goal - find a color/style that we are completely sold on (almost) regardless of the cost. Neither of us are willing to settle on something we plan to have for many, many years.

Have you picked new counters before? How fast did you make a selection?


Modern Manners

In the age of Facebook and social media, the need/want/desire for instantaneous contact and to be included seem to be further magnified. I'm not knocking that. I know at times all of it (this blog too) is fulfilling my own need for those things. But we've also forgotten some manners along the way.

In light of the past week, one in particular has struck me and led me to write this post. Please, please, please refrain from posting or commenting on someone's Facebook page (or really any social media account although Facebook is more lasting/obvious) until the family posts a message. Think of it along the lines of how in a news media report names aren't given until next of kin is notified. I don't know that any of the family learned through Facebook of our loss. I certainly hope not. But you don't want your post to be the one that tells someone this news.

After the family has posted, I think it's wonderful to leave a message, a favorite memory, a photo. These can be uplifting and healing to all who loved the person.

Just don't be the first. Talk to those close to you. Share your grief. But please, wait and be respectful of the family before making a public comment online.