Preschool 3s Class Photo Book

As Dylan's 4th birthday approached, I realized that our days in his 3s class at preschool were numbered and I decided to create a photo book to highlight some of his activities and art work. I uploaded all of the photos to Shutterfly, started with the 'School Days' style and edited as I went. Here's a sampling of the final product ...

Front cover using 'School Days' style
Seuss Week and St. Patrick's Day Crafts
July 4th art projects and his class birthday celebration
Art Projects from throughout the year
Back cover - photo of name he handwrote in class
Now that I've done this and know I want to do one for the upcoming year, I've already started uploading photos into a "4s Class" folder so I can begin putting it together as the year progresses rather than all at once after. Whether you want to do the same for this school year or catch up on a previous year, here are some tips to keep it easy & get it done ...
  1. Organize photos into a single folder with a recognizable name. For example, I have an album on my iPhone titled "Dylan - 4s Class" so I can find any photos I've quickly snapped during visits in his classroom. I have similarly named folder on Shutterfly where I upload the photos too so I can find them all in one easy step.
  2. A picture tells a thousand words. Don't worry if you don't have the full story or exact date especially on the artwork. For the 3s Class Book, I created some holiday pages ("Easter Art", "Winter Projects", etc) and at the end had two pages that were simply a collage of artwork throughout the year that didn't have a set page.
  3. Consider letting your child help. Have them pick a few favorite photos and/or select the design for a page. 

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