Week in the Life 2013: Saturday

Another day = another day of normalcy + unexpected ... ie, life. :)

6:46am Dylan is up and in our room. Sent him back to his room for "quiet time" until the bunny wakes at 7:30. Semi worked, semi failed. He's back in our bed a little after 7 with a set of sight word flash cards and we practice those. No photos. I was too tired & the iPhone was off just out of reach on my nightstand.

7:46am Getting the newspaper. We still have it delivered 7 days a week. (#oldfashioned?)
But before breakfast, we had a big ole tantrum b/c Mama went out & got the paper. Apparently he wanted too. #weekinthelife #preschooler #keepinitreal
7:47am The morning tantrum all because I went out and got newspaper. Apparently he wanted to. On the plus side, note he dressed himself and is ready for the day.
Looking at paper over breakfast. D asked why there were cats & dogs on front page. I said because they need a home. He asked why. I said they don't have one. He said, "that's sad. Everyone needs a home." #weekinthelife #preschooler #truth
8:11am Looking at the paper over breakfast. Dylan asks why there are photos of cats & dogs on the front. I explained that they needed homes. He asked why. Because they don't have a home. He said, "that's sad. Everyone needs a home." 
Not sure what has come over me but my kitchen is getting a deep cleaning this morning. Halfway through. #weekinthelife #foreclosuretohome
The cleaning bug has bit. Halfway through a deep cleaning of the kitchen.
9:56am Boys head out to Lowes for the Build & Grow clinic plus lunch at McDonald's.
FaceTime with Grama! @pamelapo #weekinthelife
2:32pm FaceTime with Grama
3:51pm Princess / Pirate birthday party: Coloring his treasure chest. Afterward he dug for treasure in the large chest behind him to fill his small wooden one with. So awesome.
4:25pm Princess / Pirate birthday party: Walk the Plank!
8:27pm S'mores with friends  

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