First (Dentist) Visit

Dylan recently had his third - third! - dental cleaning. I'm shaking my head wondering how he grew up so fast. He hasn't even needed us in the room with him since the first visit. He just kicks back, lays still and lets the hygienist work while Trent or I head to another room to get our teeth cleaned. Both the hygienist and dentist have told us he's better than some adults!

I like to think part of it is because his first visit was so successful. I did stay with him that entire visit and the hygienist carefully talked him through each part. Afterwards he got to "clean" the teeth on a toy alligator with a giant toothbrush. He loved it.

First (Dentist) Visit

Supplies: Destination: Adventure freebie by Shannon McNab; Blossom kit by Karen Funk; I Love Boys by Robyn Meierotto; Adobe Caslon Pro, Arial and Dancing Script OT fonts.


  1. they grow up so fast, right?! i love that scrapbook-feel image you posted too.

    1. Too fast! And thank you - it's a digital scrapbook page. Find it easier to do these days. Then just print a photo book once I have enough. :)


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