Week in the Life 2013: Tuesday

A look at our Tuesday ...

Cali & I are always the 1st up on wkdays. She's begging for breakfast. #weekinthelife #cat #cannedfoodtwiceaday
6:29am My early morning companion begging for canned food.
6:50am Breakfast chosen & fixed by Dylan. He wanted waffles (out) or pancakes (not making on a school morning). Instead he had a squeeze fruit, strawberries, grapes, apple cinnamon rice cake & cranberry juice.
Morning art - our family & ages (shh! Don't tell him DH & I are way past 20). #weekinthelife #preschooler
7:11am Morning artwork. (Don't tell him Trent & I aren't really 20!)
Lunch date. #weekinthelife
11:50am Weekly lunch date with Trent. Further planning for our trip to England.
2:39pm Working
6:03pm Checking the mail when we arrived home (iPhone w/ text using Over app)
Ink replacement. #weekinthelife
6:18pm Replacing magenta ink cartridge and printing list sheets for Big Idea Festival Me album.
Silliness with the self timer. Wish this had been in focus. #weekinthelife
6:39pm Camera timer silliness while I worked on my Big Idea Festival Me album. Wish this had been in focus. Still hilarious.
Evening game time. #weekinthelife #sooc
7:21pm Evening game time for Dylan & me. We each won a round.
Crabby. #weekinthelife
7:57pm Bedtime routine for Dylan.
Uploaded a few #weekinthelife photos to Flickr. Putting together a #blog post for tomorrow.
10:30pm Wrapping up the day uploading photos to Flickr, writing this post & watching Under the Dome on the DVR.

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