Friday Freebie - 12x12 First Foods template

Inspired by the 1st Foods hybrid layout I created last week, here's a free 12x12 template of the design. It features 8 layers including a scalloped edge paper and photo mask layers.

Click here to download the First Foods template


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photo shoot

In August my mother, stepfather & brother came to visit. My brother is majoring in photography and I asked if he would take some photos of Dylan. My intent for the layout was to capture the story of the photo shoot. I used a template by Erica Hernandez to arrange the pictures. The center photo is one I took of my brother at work. The smaller framed shots surrounding it were by him.

I placed a photo page across from this layout in the album to hold additional shots he took:

Supplies: Autumn Leaves patterned paper; Erica Hernandez's Letter Template #7; Anne Langpap's Citrus Freeze kit; Rhonna Farrer's Celebration kit; Miss Mint's Kindergarten Crafts and Twinkle Toes kits.

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Afternoon Tea

In November, Dylan & I joined some friends for Afternoon Tea at the Washington Duke Inn. We had such a good time.

Supplies: Archiver's cardstock; Making Memories paint & foam stamp; Amienne font; October Afternoon patterned paper.

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1st foods

Dylan is loving his veggies! My mom worked on getting him to eat them 3 meals a day while I was in the hospital and recovering. He now happily gobbles them up. And, of course, gets a messy face in the process:

Supplies: October Afternoon patterned paper; Archiver's (red) and Bazzill (white) cardstock; EK Success corner rounder (scalloped edge); 2Peas Squish & 2Peas Old Type fonts; Rhonna Farrer Type Set.

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Half Birthday

Dylan had his six month checkup this morning and is now 28 inches long (95th percentile - definitely has his dad's height!) and weighs 17 pounds 2 ounces.

* Eating 3 meals a day of veggies and loves all he has tried so far ... peas, carrots, potatoes, green beans and even spinach!

* Rolls over easily.

* Sleeps best on side or tummy and snuggling a burp cloth.

* Riding in his stroller & shopping carts like a "big boy" - no longer in the car seat.

* Loves to sing away in baby babble while riding in his stroller or the car.

* Can sit unassisted for longer stretches of time. Tries to sit up - does little crunches. :)

* Stands with support from Mom or Dad or in his exersaucer. And still gets very excited to see the cats.

* Creeps. Mostly backwards, but will manage to wiggle forward into his crib during the night and get stuck in corners.

* Squeals in delight when he gets excited.

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Pretend Cry

Dylan had my mom and I cracking up on Friday morning when he began a "pretend cry" near the end of breakfast. He kept dropping his face and "crying" then would glance up to make sure we were still watching the show. LOL


Walking Buddies

A sure sign I'm beginning to feel better - I had the desire to scrap this week. For Dylan's album, a photo of him and two of his friends after a walk:

Supplies: Stampin' Up (blue) and Bazzill (white) cardstock; October Afternoon & My Mind's Eye patterned papers; Making Memories edge scraper & stitches; miscellaneous flower; Autumn Leaves button. Inspired by the December Super Sketches class at Two Peas.

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Evolution of Recovery

My recovery has reminded me a bit of illustrations about evolution. Last week I was hunched over practically in a crawl. Then I progressed a bit to a hunchback. Now I'm somewhere between there and fully upright.


On the Mend

It's been a challenging week. The surgery was very successful. The pathology report came back as a noncancerous tumor. I very thankful for that and that the entire mass is officially gone.

I spent 2 nights in the hospital. Although it felt like a week. It was nice to return home on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm following doctor's orders to get up and move around some throughout the day, but also being careful not to push myself too hard. I only allow myself to go upstairs twice a day and then stay for a while. Stairs and getting in & out of bed are my biggest challenges.

I am loving the opportunity to hold & cuddle my little boy again. I miss being able to pick him up. That needs to wait a few more days, but at least I can get to him and comfort him some now. I just have to have Trent or my mom hand him to me.

I am thankful for all the help Trent & my mom have provided to Dylan & me. I am thankful for all the wonderful prayers and words of encouragement I have received.


Time's Up

I've been a little out of it the last week or so. My thoughts have been monopolized by this:

No, not another baby. ;) That's a photo from our first ultrasound with Dylan in Dec 2008. The pink arrow is pointing to the other "thing" the doctor found that day - an endometrial cyst approximately 4" in diameter.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1996 and thanks to rigorous treatment, had little pain in the last few years. Honestly, I'd pretty much moved on and thought little of it especially once I became pregnant. It now appears that it did anything but move on - instead it created this mess whose time officially expires today. I'm dreading the surgery, but glad to finally be putting this behind me. And very thankful for a supportive family to help care for me and Dylan during my recovery.