Friday Freebie: First Flight

Happy Friday! My latest free template is one I created for my First Flight layout earlier in the month. It contains 10 layers including photo masks & journaling. It's free for personal use only.

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[almost] Wordless Wednesday: 13

Our sweet Cali celebrated 13 on Sunday.

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four days 4 parks

I came across this layout on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect inspiration for a title page for our photobook. I followed the general idea of a single photo & simple journaling for each day of the trip. Then I changed things up a bit for my own design. Loving how it turned out.

Supplies: More or Less collaboration kit from Pixels & Co; Count on Me brushes by Deena Rutter; This Week elements by Karla Dudley.


Fish are Friends

My boys posing in Epcot at The Seas with Nemo & Friends:

Supplies: Just Keep Swimming papers by Robyn Meierotto; Digi Essentials brushes by Karla Dudley; En Route embellishments by Erica Coombs; Project 365 - Frame Clusters vol 2 by Karen Funk.


Wordless Wednesday: Pink Zinnia


meeting characters

We met a few characters during our trip to Walt Disney World. I decided to use simple clean lined templates to let the photos tell the story.

Supplies: PhotoStory template sets 1 & 2 by Mary Moseley; More or Less collaboration kit from Pixels & Co (paper recolored); Where the Magic Begins add-on by Britt-ish Designs; Minnie & Pooh fonts (title).


FlipsAudio Solo 2 Social Review

I work in an open office. No longer in one of the cubical spaces in the center, but my new office only has 3 full walls and then opens to the rest of the room. This means it can get a little noisy at times even with music flowing through my small computer speakers.

I had been debating headphones for the times I really needed to block everyone else out and focus. So, when I saw a chance to try & review a pair of Solo 2 Social headphones from FlipsAudio, I immediately responded.

Inside the box I found an oval zippered carrying case, the headphones, a USB cord and instructions. The FlipsAudio headphones function like normal headphones when you plug them in and place over your ears to listen.

The USB and instructions were for the speaker option. Charge the headphones using the USB cable and then you can "flip" them to speaker position and share your music with those around (get it - solo 2 social?). What's really cool to me is that the headphones "know" based on position whether you are using them as headphones or speakers. If you take them off and set down in the headphone position, you'll hardly hear anything as you step away. Flip them to speakers and suddenly, there is music to share. Very cool.

Honestly, Dylan managed to try them first and he thought they were pretty cool! I took them to work the next day, tossing the carrying case into my briefcase. Sure enough, there was enough noise mid-morning that I needed to block the world out and focus. I popped on the FlipsAudio headphones and away the background went while I focused on a set of plans I needed to mark up.

Final run down ... these are attractive, well made headphones. They fold easily to store and travel well in the carrying case. I did find them a little tight on my head, but I've had that issue with headphones before. I imagine they will be more comfortable after a few more wears. The padding along the top and at the ears is very comfy.

Interested in getting your own pair? FlipsAudio is offering $10 Off on Flips Solo 2 Social Headphones plus a free rush shipping upgrade when you use the code FA0010INT  This offer is exclusive to purchases made online at www.flipsaudio.com and valid from June 12, 2013 through July 16, 2013. Each unit purchased will receive $10.00 off the online retail price plus an “upgrade” of your shipping from ground to Rush 3-Day at no additional cost to you. This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Note: The FlipsAudio Solo 2 Social heaphones were provided to me for free for review. The opinions expressed are are strictly my own.


First Flight

Our flight to Orlando in early May was Dylan's first flight. Minus the fact that Trent wasn't with us (he was already there for business), I am glad this milestone waited until now. He was old enough to understand and get a bit excited about the whole thing. He did surprise me by spending most of the flight coloring or drawing and only looked out the window a few times.

Supplies: En Route papers by Erica Coombs; Fly Away with Me elements (stitches recolored) by Sarah Sullivan.



Dylan & I flew to Orlando on our own last month to meet Trent who was already there for business. He managed to get to the resort before us. After Dylan & I got off the Magical Express, we passed through the lobby and toward the pool area looking for him. The excitement as he spotted his dad was priceless - pure joy. Probably my favorite moment from our trip.

Supplies: Spring Freebie Collection by Just Jaimee; Photo Clusters vol 2 by Karen Funk; Noted brushes by Jen Allyson; 2ps Peas & Carrots font for title.


Porch Lift

We finally checked off the remaining big item on our house "to do" list. We still have quite a list, but it's all cosmetic now thank goodness.

Our front door and porch are inset and do not have a roof overhead. This isn't a big issue except that the concrete settled over the years toward the front door resulting in a nice puddle in front of it every time we had a decent rain and water seeping into the garage. It appears someone attempted to fix it before us, but it didn't work.

Before - rain water puddled to the point the doormat is completely underwater.

I originally tried to hire someone to remove the concrete slab and completely replace it. He came, took measurements and I never heard from him again. I gave up after two attempts calling myself. My best guess is that the job wasn't large enough. So the project temporarily hit the back burner.

Then, a few months ago we learned of a local company that does repair work. They did come, gave me an estimate and even drilled a hole in the porch to send a camera down to ensure they could do the work before starting. The process involved drilling a single hole (same hole used for the camera) and pumping polyurethane blow the slab to literally pump it up.

After - back of porch lifted to just below door framing so water drains properly.

Admittedly, I wasn't completely sure about the process when I first heard of it. Luckily, I work with geotech engineers and asked the opinion of one. He assured me it would work. So I agreed and have to say I'm happy with the results so far. The work was just completed on Monday, but that evening it poured rain. Trent, Dylan & I all stood with the front door open for a few minutes watching the rain fall and drain down the front steps toward the yard - not back toward the house. It was a nice sight after months of seeing it running the other direction and worrying about water damage to our home.

Next up, powerwashing. We've been holding off waiting for the pollen to pass (check) and the porch repair to be completed (check).


Animal Kingdom: drumming

During our visit to Animal Kingdom, Dylan spied a grouping of drums and quickly joined other children in playing them. I love the joy in his smile here - definitely one of the highlights of his day.

Supplies: May 2013 Design Challenge template & More or Less collaboration kit from Pixels & Co; Sunny Days papers by Karen Funk; Playground Flairs & Spring Freebie Collection by Just Jaimee; Digi Essentials by Karla Dudley; Mellow Alpha by Robin Meirotto; En Route elements by Erica Coombs; The Woodsong Collection papers by Deena Rutter; Baby Dinos papers by Tiffany Tillman