Shoot and Edit: Love/Romance

I struggled with this theme.  I had a few ideas.  Then wasn't pleased with the photos I took.  Finally, after seeing Koreen's post at Winn's Window, I was inspired.  The idea in her first photo of rings on a small Eiffel Tower sculpture hit me.  I immediately grabbed my rings & ring holder and began shooting.  My favorite photos, truth be told, were those first shots I took.  I had placed the holder on the window sill in the afternoon sun.  The lighting was perfect.  But I wanted both our rings in the shot.  Since I had to wait for Trent to get home from work, I set up my lightbox and "set the stage."

Here are our rings directly as they are.  A bit scratched up.  A bit in need of cleaning.  But beautiful nonetheless.

IS0 3200, ss 1/200, f5.6
To me, I see so much in those rings.  I see our love, our romance, our family, our home, our past, our future.  I remember those amazing moments they represent.  I smile.  And I laugh.  I laugh because of a single moment during our wedding where these rings caused the two of us to giggle.  It's the reason his wedding band is at the bottom and mine at the top - separated by my engagement ring.  During our wedding ceremony, when our pastor held our rings to bless them, my band became stuck inside of his!  Who knew they would fit so perfectly together.  So, for a few seconds there (although it felt much longer) we stood there while our pastor fumbled to separate them and we began to laugh. In the end, they came apart and the ceremony continued.  I love that memory.  I loved that day.  I love my husband and our life together.  So, yes, this sums up love and romance to me.

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  1. What a beautiful photo! And such a special story to go with it.

  2. I Love this picture! You are getting good sista!

  3. This is great, Sarah! Beautiful shot.

  4. I love this story Sarah, so cute. Lovely photo too to go with it. :)


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