Coffee Filter Painting

Dylan and his buddies love to get crafty.  And definitely love painting but that can get a bit messy.  It worked out well a few months ago when warmer and we could strip the boys to nothing but diapers in the garage and let them go crazy with paint and canvases.  A bit too chilly for that now which is why I was excited when I found the idea for coffee filter painting in this post at Strings to Things blog.

For our adventure, we taped coffee filters down to plastic covered cardboard (one of the moms had these on hand from a recent purchase.  Taping these down to the high chair tray would work great too).  Gave the boys a couple of markers each to color the filters.

Dylan surprised me by having very little interest in this coloring portion.  He did a couple scribbles on two of his filters and went off to play with toys.  I scribbled on the remaining filter so we'd have something to paint later.  The other two boys really got into this part though and had quite colorful creations.  When the "paint" (aka water in a little bowl) and brushes came out, they all got excited and had a great time.  As you can see, Dylan was very serious about this process.  Well, until he and his buddies figured out how to fling water. ;)

Dylan and I repeated the process a few days later when bored and stuck at home.  I love how easy it was and such little mess. After the filters dried, I cut hearts from a few and glued them to Valentine cards for his grandparents.

I've saved the remaining painted filters.  Thinking they might end up in a scrapbook page. :)

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  1. Awww, cute. Even my older kids have been wanting to do something they learned on Science Day - with Sharpies & then put paper in water. Looks pretty, we will have to try!


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