Handprint Heart

I mentioned in Monday's Shoot and Edit post that we pulled out the paints over the weekend to create more handprint art.  I confess, I still had Dylan's Christmas Tree plaque hanging so it was definitely time for a change.  I found a wooden heart plaque at Michael's and painted it white.  Then with Trent's help holding whichever hand we were painting, I put red paint on Dylan's hand and then helped him place it on the plaque. 

After the paint had dried.  I sealed it with Mod Podge just like our other plaques and added a picture hanger to the back.

Supplies: wooden plaque; acrylic paints; brushes; Mod Podge; picture hanger.


  1. Such a simple, but beautiful project. That will definately be a keeper as he gets older. Amazing how big they get so fast:) Hope all is well with you! With all this snow here in New England I am seriously wishing I lived in one of the more southern states!

  2. Turned out nice! Cute idea!

  3. How fun! Those hands will grow so fast!


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