Shoot and Edit: Hearts

Yup, I went the way of the conversation hearts.  One of those weeks where I waited until the last minute.  I remembered a box stashed away in the junk drawer in our kitchen (seriously do not know how old these are!).  Poured them into my Pottery Barn swirl bowl just because I like it.  :)  And took a few shots.  Here's my favorite:

ISO 1000, ss 1/60, f5.3
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  1. I waited until the last minute too. I had no idea what to do, and little inspiration. Luckily, life takes care of that itself. ;)

    Yours is a sweet shot. The candy hearts are somewhat typical (nothing wrong with that--go with a winner), but your swirl dish really offsets them nicely. I really like how you did it. :D

  2. awwwww, i just love that bowl, so cool! and in my opinion candy message hearts were just a must shoot for this challenge, love it!

  3. Better late than never is my moto. Love the smiley face heart that is on the bottom. This will be a fun edit.

  4. i'm with barb - this will be a great shot with a little edit :-)

    thanks for joining in again!

  5. I really like the swirl of the cup and will look awesome after the edit excited to see how it turns out.

  6. I love this dish, very cool. I'm getting ready to post my sooc, it took me awhile to find something but I finally did.


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