Crayon Roll

Making a crayon roll has been on my to-do list since before I was even a parent.  Kept thinking I might make one for my nieces or nephew.  Like so many other good intentions, it hit the back burner.  Then a few weeks ago, two of my mommy friends made some (check out Allison's awesome froggy roll) so, naturally, I had to do it too!  :D

Here's the completed roll:

Open and full of crayons:

The outside (loving this cute fabric!):

Detail shot of the inside:

I bought the fabrics on Etsy.  I was so excited when they showed up later that week that I sewed the roll that night.  I followed this tutorial at the Pleated Poppy.

Supplies: cotton fabrics; flannel; thread; hair elastic; Making Memories button (yes, I raided my scrapbooking stash for this!)


  1. absolutely adorable! I wish they had all these fun things when my kids were little! You did a great job!

  2. So cute! Looks great!

  3. What a great idea and such cute fabric!

  4. These are so great and I really like the fabrics you have used. I've been wanting to make one of these forever but for my paintbrushes and one for my drawing pencils for when I'm on the go.

  5. Thanks for the shout out to my Crayon Roll but yours is waaaaay more professional than mine. :) A tutorial would have been way helpful for me. Tehe.


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