Shoot and Edit: Love/Romance edit

I went round and round on my edit this week.  I think I set myself up for a challenge when I chose to use a photo with so little color.  Thank goodness for the snapshots option in Photoshop's History window.  Every change or two, I made a snapshot.  Then I went back and forth between them seeing what I liked and didn't. 

I meant to take notes of the steps - part of my reason for doing the snapshots was to make that easier.  Then I forgot to check before I closed the window and, of course, this would be one of those times where I did not save a .psd file.  That said, to the best of my memory here's what I did ...

  • Adjusted the levels.  Setting the white and black points, shifting the input and output until I liked what I saw.  
  • I used the clone tool to clean up around the top of the ring holder.  It looked dusty in the original photo.  It wasn't - just the way the light was bouncing off the top. 
  • Created new layer for high filter.  Lowered the layer's opacity to 75%.  
  • New adjustment layer - curves.  Adjusted settings for shadows, midtones, highlights.  (My version of PS does not have the awesome graph in the background - just a grid - so jealous of that! I think it would make my process a bit different.)
  • New adjustment layer - brightness/contrast.  Adjusted slightly.
  • New adjustment layer - hue/saturation.  Adjusted saturation only.
  • New fill layer - gradient.  Changed the angle and scale.  Layer mode to soft light. 
  • New fill layer - solid color.  I used a very light yellow and reduced the layer opacity.

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  1. I think your edit is nice - there is still a lot of blue in the photo, but maybe that's what you're going for. Nice work. :)

  2. Very subtle, but much more clarity. :D

  3. The subtle editing is all that was needed. Nice job Sarah.

  4. Wow, Sarah! That picture just came alive!

  5. Yes, your edits made your photo glow! Lovely, nicely done.


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