A Birthday Full of Cars

Our neighbor turned 3 over the weekend and loves cars so what better than a race car birthday card?

Supplies: Stampin' Up cardstock, inks & Celebrate stamp; Provo Craft sticker.

I had planned to give him a car to go along with it.  He loves the Hot Wheels/Matchbox type cars and has quite the collection.  That latter part is what stopped me ... he has so many so maybe another car isn't the best idea.  Then I remembered 2 things.  One, I've seen him get in and out of the car with hands overflowing with the cars he's taken between home and his grandparents, etc.  Two, a while back I saw a great tutorial on another blog for making a Car Caddy.  Aha!  The perfect gift for the boy that loves cars.  Now he has a good way to tote a few with him and has a little play space to go along with it.  I see another one of these in the future for Dylan.  It's just so cute!

Car caddy folded up and ready for travel:

Unfolded and ready for play (cars store in the pockets at the bottom):

Supplies: assorted fabric from my stash; interfacing (I used to stiffen it up since my fabrics were thinner than those in the tutorial); felt; thread; velcro; acrylic paint


  1. That's adorable!! Now I'm actually excited for Grant to get into matchbox cars so I can make one of those!

  2. That's awesome! What a great gift!

  3. Now how cute is that?! You are just so darn crafty! I love it.

  4. We have all been so impressed with Luke's car tote! He is using it to transport his treasures back and forth from home to Nana & Pops! Even Pop is impressed. I held about 20 cars this morning!

  5. Luke love's his Chuck trucks and kevin has a stash of matchbox cars just waiting to be played with. I may make this for my nephew first and try it out!
    Love it!


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