Monday in a Nutshell

* It was back to our normal routine. Hence the photo of my Starbucks bag packed with my lunch & water bottle.

* Shipped out my latest Etsy sale - a cute Dubble Bubble t-shirt bag.

* I broke "the news" at work to my boss. Everyone else will find out tomorrow except for the one coworker who happened to be there after hours.

* Went to the monthly ladies night dinner with the group from church.

* Received another positive update on my mom from my stepfather. Small improvements, but making strides.

* Got home around 9:30pm and my sweet husband surprised me with new windshield wiper blades and put them on the car. This is huge because I've fussed for months that I need some new ones (the old pair were smearing) but kept forgetting to buy any myself! Knowing that rain is in the forecast for the next 2 days, Trent wanted to be sure I could see. :)

* Fed the cats their canned food dinner (spoiled!).

* Posted my Project 365 photo to Flickr.

* Off to bed!


  1. Aren't husbands great for taking care of us:) New windshield wipers don't sound like much, but they really are.

    We're kind of glad to get back to our non-holiday regular routine around here too. Just in time to have it all upset again when our new little one arrives in the next couple of weeks;)

  2. Fun post today! :-) Glad to hear your mom is continuing to improve. One day at a time...

    Santa brought our kitties some canned food. Oh, my...they are in heaven!

    Hey, coincidentally my DH just got new wiper blades for me, too. AND a refill of washer fluid! Woo-hoo! :-) Sweet of your hubby to take such good care of you!

  3. for some reason I thought the bags were much smaller, but in that photo it looks like a good size.

    Glad your hubby is taking such good care of you, He's a keeper! :)

  4. Congrats on another Etsy sale! I love this kind of blog entry and need to do it more often!

    Glad to hear your mum is improving too!

  5. So glad things are getting better little by little :) And I looooove new wiper blades too!

  6. Lovin' your 365 photos :) I'll be keeping your mom in my thoughts & prayers.

  7. love your photo! glad you are doing 365 too, I will enjoy the inspiration and motivation from you! and how exciting to still be breaking the news!
    still sending prayers for your mom...


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