Pregnancy Brain

I think Trent is starting to believe me that this is indeed a real symptom. One website I found referred to it as "baby brain drain" which he found much more amusing. So, I apparently now have BDD. And, I too, wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was about until this week. Here are just a couple of examples...

I pack my lunch each work day. Lately that's been more like a days worth of snacks. :D At any rate, I was making a sandwich and went to slice it in half when I paused and looked at the knife. It was dirty. Why in the world was I using a dirty knife?? Seriously, that is the real thought I had and within seconds felt completely ridiculous. Um, the "dirty" part was the peanut butter on it from the sandwich I had just made. The sandwich I was about to cut. Oh my.

On Thursday I received an email from Walgreens regarding an order we had placed and noting it had been shipped. Say what? I literally felt panicked as I saw the associated amount. All I could remember was a recent photo order (which I picked up in store) and the cost was much, much cheaper. As I read the email the lightbulb went off over my head - oh, yeah, the humidifier we ordered 2 weeks ago. Then I checked the tracking. (Note, this was Thursday, the 15th.) I told Trent it left Ohio on Tuesday but we wouldn't have it for over a week. Guess the free shipping we got = slower than mud. He questioned me - since it was coming UPS why would it take so long. I said, well it says right here that it will be delivered the 16th. He just smiled and said "tomorrow." Oops!

And, yes, the package did in fact arrive yesterday. I think.... What day is it again? ;)


  1. *giggle*

    Welcome to MOMMYworld!!!

    It will change from Pregnancy Brain to Mommy Brain after the baby's born and let me tell you, it's a permanent, non-curable condition!!!!

    Oh the stories you'll have to blog!!!

  2. HAHA!

    Now imagine MY brain after 4 kids! LOLOLOL

  3. Just enjoy what brain you have now because you'll eventually lose it all!

  4. Forgot to mention, left you a little gift on my blog

  5. I agree with the others...this is only the beginning! The rest of your mind will slowly drain away over the next 21 years!

  6. Ahhh...the memories of pregnancy brain :) It's OK, though - that will soon be replaced by "mommy brain"!! :)

  7. That is so funny about the knife!! My friends had the same symptoms when pregnant.

  8. Heehee...yeah, I agree with the above; it gets worse when the baby is born:)
    Here's my favorite personal example, which I might not tell anyone in person but somehow seems better here;) I was doing pet therapy at the senior center with my beagle, and we'd already decided the baby would go with me and do baby therapy too:) This went well for awhile, I just carried 2-month old baby #1 in the sling while walking the dog around the circle of day center adults...until one day, I arrived at the center without the dog. Well at least I didn't forget the BABY! :)


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