Mini Getaway

I mentioned on Friday that Trent won a basketball prize pack for our alma mater. Part of that prize included a gift certificate to Sullivan's Steakhouse (which we are saving until my appetite picks up a bit) and a night's stay at the Sheraton Raleigh.

Our room Friday night on the 13th floor:

Yes, this hotel actually has a 13th floor so of course I took a photo for my own amusement. I'm accustomed to seeing "12, 14" on elevators and had a laugh when we were sent to the 13th floor. And room 1331 at that.

Yesterday morning we checked out and drove over to the arena to cheer on the Wolfpack as they defeated Ga Tech 76-71 in overtime.


  1. Looks like you had a nice get away. Funny about the 13th floor. I hope your appetite returns soon, Sullivan's sounds like a nice place.

  2. What a nice trip! I was LOL about your numbers :)


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