Unexpected Work Day

Yesterday I found out that my help was needed at work on a big project that must be finished by end of day Monday. I took a couple of hours off during the afternoon for my massage appointment and headed back to work until 6pm. My coworker and I are meeting there in about an hour to make some more progress in the hopes Monday won't be as brutal. This led to an earlier than normal Friday night bedtime for me and the inspiration for yesterday's photo.

Although I'm disappointed at losing my day off, I realize that this is one of those necessary things with the current economy and, of course, I would want the help if it were my project.

Before I head out, I wanted to respond to a couple questions from yesterday about the Magic Bullet. Trent & I bought it a year ago with a gift card we received at Christmas. It was one of those "fun" type purchases we probably wouldn't normally make. I've been quite surprised though at how often we use it. Trent regularly makes smoothies and I, of course, have been enjoying my milkshakes recently. I've also used it to puree bananas to make banana bread and made iced coffee drinks. We own a blender & food processor as well, but the Bullet is so much easier to get out and clean due to it's smaller size and all of the parts are dishwasher safe. I have yet to find it as fast as the infomercial, but it definitely works and is fairly quick. We haven't regretted the purchase at all. My one suggestion if you do buy one - buy a plastic tub to stash all the parts in. There are a lot of parts and it's far easier to get to them all by pulling the tub out of the cabinet than having to dig around in there.


  1. you got me looking at that magic bullet now? Especially with the smoothies and fruit flavored drinks that I've been having lately with Chel at college

  2. Sorry to hear that you've lost a day off, but the overtime pay must be worth it, especially with the baby coming. :) Just don't overwork yourself too much! :)

  3. Hi! I linked to your blog from Benita's. Thanks for the review on the Bullet. I was just thinking this morning that I wanted a smoothie but didn't want to drag the blender out of the cupboard. I will have to put that on my "want list."
    Also, I see you have a tortie. Aren't they strange and fun creatures?? We have one too but unfortunately she is long hair...not my choice. You can check out her pic on my blog. It should be a couple posts back...and if you are interested in how we got her, do a search for kitten and it should be there somewhere.

  4. Ter, I wish I got overtime pay. One of the downsides to being salaried. I might be able to take a day off in the next couple of weeks though. Have to see how the workload goes.

    Tina & Cindi, the Bullet is definitely a fun kitchen toy to have especially when you want just one drink. :)

  5. Sarah love, you've got Tag. :-)) On my Paper Paisleys blog, I have asked you to answer a specific question, so go see.

    We have a Magic Bullet, too. And everything you said, I agree 100%. Try making Guacamole, it's awesome. Thanks for the coffee idea. I haven't tried that yet.

  6. Hmmm, a new gadget to check out! Hope your day at work wasnt too bad! You do have NEXT sat off though dont you? Give me a call when you have a chance!


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