Craving #3

Although, perhaps this is just an extension of my chocolate ice cream craving? My stomach was not playing nice yesterday morning and the one thing that sounded good (on a cold morning no less!) was a milkshake. Thankfully, I had a new container of chocolate ice cream in the freezer, plenty of milk (we just had a snowstorm and you have to have milk to survive these things LOL), and the Magic Bullet so I quickly whipped one up and took it with me to work.

Last night I had my weekly prenatal water aerobics class. I absolutely love going. It's a great workout and the other girls are so nice. I'm enjoying the opportunity to compare and learn things from them.

Today after work I'm starting the weekend off right - with a nice massage. My poor back and shoulders are so ready for it. Happy Friday!


  1. Great picture! Enjoy the massage!

    Do you like/use that Magic Bullet? Does it really work like they say it does?! Inquiring minds want to know...

  2. hmmm the milkshake looks YUMMY....

    I am one of those inquiring minds that Colleen mentions above. It looks like the magic bullet would be much quicker to use than hauling out the whole blender.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your aerobics class.... good way to keep in shape, meet other moms, and have some fun. :)

  3. That's looks so good. Glad you at least found something that helps you feel better. Ice cream usually helped me too.

  4. Looks good! Enjoy your massage.

  5. I hope the massage was beneficial! The milkshake looks great!


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