After church yesterday, we stopped by Home Depot to get paint chips as part of deciding on a color for the nursery/guest room. I've been a fan of their Freshaire paint since using it last summer in our master bath and in my sister & brother-in-law's living room. It has no VOC's = no smell = better for the environment and us. Particularly since I don't want to breathe in any extra fumes right now that might harm the baby.

The plan for the day - get the paint chips. Simple and easy enough, right? haha These things are never that simple in our home.

Backing up over a year ago ... Trent & I moved our treadmill out of the computer/scrap room and into the guest room. Now the treadmill needs to come back to make room for the crib and that needs to happen before painting the room. Ok, still not a big project. I assumed we would just stick it where it used to sit. Somehow this discussion turned into "how can we redesign the computer/scrap room layout." Wait. Wasn't the project the nursery/guest room? Uh huh. And now? Well, let's just say the closet in the computer/scrap room is almost completely empty and all the wire shelving has been ripped out.

A few friends pointed out to me on Facebook that I'm "nesting." Uh, oh. We have a lot of time left on our hands before the little one arrives. And there's still quite a few things on last year's list of possible house projects. Looks like 2009 will be anything but boring around here. And, of course, I'll share the details as the chaos ensues. ;)


  1. Yep, sounds like nesting to me! :-) Isn't it funny how one project leads to another and suddenly you end up far from where you started? Looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Hey girl - embrace that motivation and go for it! :) Did you pick out a color? I'm so excited for you! :)

  3. Nesting...this is something I know very well! :)

    My kids are almost 17, 12,10 and 2 and I am STILLLLLLL nesting! HAHA

  4. Ok, probably a generation gap here, but isn't nesting supposed to be what you do when you are married with a home and starting a family?
    Sounds perfectly normal to me.... ??? xoxo

    Cute story and photo.


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