Shaving Cream Paint

I love the amount of projects you can do with food coloring beyond, well coloring food! Dylan loves to paint and finds the larger tub in our master bathroom exciting. So on a rainy afternoon, I let him have messy fun in there. I filled a small muffin pan with shaving cream and added food coloring.

Then I gave it to him along with a brush and bubble bath. He had so much fun with it! He dipped the brush, painted the walls. Dipped the brush in the shaving cream and then into the bubble bath.

Then I showed him he could use his hands too and we both had fun smearing it all over the tub walls. Finally he dipped the pan under the water to see what would happen.

This fun art project turned into quite the little science experiment for him. I love that he enjoyed it so! He's already repeated it once with his dad's supervision and I'm sure we'll do it many, many more times in the future.

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