Easter Bunny 2012

Our playgroup has managed to get together the last two years for annual Easter Bunny and Santa photos. This year it was looking good and then schedules, illnesses, etc got in the way. So, rather than our massive pile on of kids and moms, this year it was just Dylan and one friend.

We timed things perfectly so we were early to the mall with no wait. The photographer was very nice and gave the boys time to visit with the Bunny and get comfortable before sitting with him(?) for a photo. Although, the moms bribing them with a train ride afterward might have helped too. ;)

Supplies: Blueprint #6 by Gennifer Bursett; Design House Digital's Spring Menagerie collaboration kit; Miss Mint's April Morning & Kindergarten Crafts kits and Hoppy Easter elements; Hop by Sara Schmutz; Spring Time by Laina Lamb; Easter Fun by Agnes Biro; Daily Birdie font by Audrey Neal.


  1. at least your bunny isn't one of the creepy ones I see floating around!!

    1. Not too creepy until you get close. ;) I can fully understand why kids get scared when they get close to these bizarre giant bunnies with a fixed smile.

  2. Love this layout! Love the colors and the little Hop Hop bunny circle! :)


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