Mad March Competition - Final Round

Here's my entry for Round 6 of the Mad March Competition at Design House Digital:

The challenges are over, but the competition won't wrap up until the end of the week.  ** The winner is being decided by votes here. ** Limit one vote per person, per day through Friday, April 6th (does require free account at DHD).

For Round 6, our layouts had to meet the following requirements:
  1. Use 15 different kits, but…
  2. Use kits from exactly 6 different designers
  3. Karen Funk - Photo Frame Clusters v2, For the Boys patterned papers, Genuinely You elements; Audrey Neal - Daily Birdie font, Family Tree patterned papers; Fei Fei's Stuff - Of the Essence - Add On kit; Miss Mint - Traffic Jam, Twinkle Toes & Daditude kits; Robyn Meierotto - Kraft Day Fun elements, In Stitches - Bright Basics, Today word art, Clearly alpha, I Love Boys elements; Jen Allyson - Picket Fences kit.
  4. Use a blending mode - trio of arrowheads located at bottom of journaling on right hand page.
  5. Use an advertisement as the starting point for your page - BHG's Chill & Grill - "tossed" look of photos with white borders. (see image to right)
  6. Use a title of a book as your page title - "Honk Honk! Beep Beep!" by Daniel Kirk (children's book)
  7. Use orange as an accent color - stitching and ticket.
  8. Duplicate a photo, but use different crops of that photo - trio of b&w photos.
  9. Alter an element - altered color of ticket to orange.
  10. Do an extraction - my son's head in trio of b&w photos.
  11. Use the words “Mad”, “March”, and “Memories” in your journaling, but not as one phrase
  12. Following a visit to see MawMaw and PawPaw, we took you to Burlington City Park. It was a gorgeous March afternoon - perfect for outdoor fun.
    The last time we came, you weren’t quite a year old. Now that you’re a ‘big’ two and a half, you can finally ride the kiddie rides. We had 5 tickets so after a ride on each, we let you choose which 2 to ride again. This was great until we were out of tickets - then you were a bit mad you couldn’t ride the planes again. Next time!
    Memories of you laughing and eagerly running from ride to ride will always come to mind when I think of this day.
  13. Do a two-page layout, but… - Check
  14. One page’s background must be a photo - Check
  15. Weave an element behind and in front of something else - orange stitching at trio of arrowheads on lower left corner on left page.
  16. Create a shape (using custom shape tools) and use it in three different ways - arrowheads. Used as masking for patterned papers on left page, as 'K' in title and as brush next to journaling.
  17. Incorporate a strong diagonal line into your design - on right hand page, arrangement of photos/title and white space.

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  1. Holey moley that's a lot of requirements. Definitely a *challenge*. But I love yours, it looks fantastic and so touching. Dylan is lucky to have a mom like you capturing all of his life in such beautiful ways.


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