Dying Eggs

Dylan and I have been getting our craft on this week including dying Easter eggs. This was Dylan's first time doing so. I debated with myself for a few weeks whether or not he was old enough. Now I'm very glad I went ahead and bought the kit! We only used half of the colors and 6 eggs, but he had a great time.

I set up outside on his picnic table. The weather was perfect in the shade on our patio and it helped limit mess. ;) I gave him 3 bowls with dye in the them and showed him how to dip the eggs. Then he pretty much took over.

He dipped them in one bowl, or two or all three. Some went to the drying rack and then back into the bowls again.

Here's our final result:

Truthfully, I did finally interfere with his creative process a bit and suggested some were done. This was simply to prevent them all from ending up brown! He really liked dipping the eggs in ALL three colors. And while 'gentle' isn't still fully comprehended, we only had one cracked egg (the back right) so it was a very successful project!

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  1. Adorable photos, Sarah! Here's to the start of a fun annual tradition!


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