Infant Car Seat Covers

During the past week, I've been busy sewing custom orders including infant car seat covers. The recipients of both of these covers are expecting girls which sent me in search of pink fabrics.

The first has a beautiful floral print on the outside with a complimentary solid pink on the inside.

The second cover has an elegant brown damask print on light pink background. The inside is solid brown.

Halfway through I discovered a flaw in the fabric print. It affects only a small area just behind the handle. Enough that I didn't want to send it as custom, but also small enough that you almost wouldn't see it. Thus, I finished it and am listing in my Etsy shop at a discounted price.

Thankfully, I had enough of the print fabric remaining (and I've checked it carefully!) to make a second cover and complete the order. Sewing that is next on my "to do" list.

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  1. Those are fantastic! I wish I could sew more than a button or a crooked hem. :-P


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