Easter weekend recap

We had a busy three day, holiday weekend. On Friday, Trent went to Chapel Hill to help his dad on a few projects around the house. Meanwhile Dylan & I joined friends for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. This was his first egg hunt with candy in the eggs. Oh, his face when he realized there were treats in the eggs! He paused after his first egg wanting to open it and get to the candy. I had to encourage him to move on and find more eggs first!

That evening he enjoyed the attention of Trent as well as from my dad, step-mom and step-brother who stopped by for a visit. He and Grandpa George played a game together.

Trent had brought home a basket of Easter goodies from his parents. We gave it to Dylan on Saturday to help spread out the fun. His favorite thing - a small plush green bunny. The bunny was even added to the collection of plush toys he sleeps with (Seahorse, Scout, Kermit, and SkippyJon Jones) which is high priority. ;)

Supplies: Stuffy Collection Template #2 by Tiffany Tillman; Masking Shapes Pack #1 by Lori Whitlock; Doily Set by Agnes Biro; Fresh kit by Audrey Neal (recolored 2 papers); Batik Regular and Brush Script Std fonts.

Yesterday, in spite of both Dylan & I suffering from allergies, we did go outside first thing to hunt for eggs. He spied them from the windows upstairs in our bedroom and couldn't wait to get out there. He even passed by his basket of treats on his highchair tray, never spotting them, as he headed for the door. It was so fun watching him run around grabbing the eggs and dropping them into his basket.

He finally discovered his basket when it was time for breakfast. He was so excited about the "big" chocolate bunny and hugged the book the Bunny left. Then he unwrapped the gift from Trent & me - the Muppets movie - and he was even more excited. He's been talking about that movie since we saw it during our Thanksgiving trip to Virginia. With allergies keeping us indoors with a box of tissues, we popped it in the DVR and had a family movie day.


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