(more) T-Shirt Bags

Today passed by in a blur. From Sunday School to the service. To a small shopping trip. To lunch. To the grocery store. And home by 3. I was worn out from the activity and heat! Horribly hot and humid here.

I managed to squeeze in a little creative time though to work on some new t-shirt bags from 3 shirts I bought at Goodwill yesterday. I managed to complete all 3 and add them to my Etsy store. They are so cute. I just love the patterns.

The one thing I haven't found time to do all weekend is scrapbook. Perhaps tomorrow after the gym - if I still have energy.


  1. I have yet to try those t-shirt bags. I'm not too good with sewing :(
    Hopefully you found some time to scrap a little, I've been in a creative funk for a while...

  2. great job! I really like the middle pattern. :)

  3. Those bags are so cute. I wish I knew how to sew. Good luck with selling them - I'm sure they will go quick! What has your experience w/Etsy been? I've been thinking about opening one this summer...

  4. cute bags! I need to dust off the sewing machine!

  5. Your bags are so cute! I've been thinking about making some for food shopping, something cuter than the ones they sell at the store. I just need more time to make them.


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