Seafood, Shopping & Skeeball

Trent & I spent the weekend through yesterday at his parents' beach house near Myrtle Beach, SC. Beautiful weekend. A bit of rain, but mostly clear with temps in the 80s.

We spent time on the beach, went shopping, visited Warbird Park on the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, played skeeball in the arcade at Broadway at the Beach, and ate at my favorite Grand Strand restaurant - Sea Captain's House.

When we came home, both cats meowed loudly at their displeasure that we had been gone. They quickly got over it after some yummy canned food. Cali enjoyed a special birthday treat - two Goldfish crackers. :) And soon found a comfy spot to hang out on top of our suitcase. Or perhaps it was her way of telling us to stay put for a bit?

Off we went again though - this time for just a few hours. Trent's softball team had a double header in the playoffs. They won the first. Lost the second. Putting another season behind us.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I've never been there but I hear it's beautiful, and the pictures prove it!

    How funny that Cali likes goldfish crackers!

    Thx again for the link to Daisy's blog. I'm completely addicted to Daisy!! lol

  2. sounds like a great weekend. Don't you just love how the cats show us they are angry with our leaving them for too long!

  3. Sounds like a fun filled weekend!

  4. Sounds like you all had a nice week end!!
    I think thats cute that you were missed by your kittys.

  5. What a fabulous time you had :) And what is it with cats and suitcases??

  6. Glad you had a nice vacation. I'm counting down the days (24) until we leave for the beach


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