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A follow-up yesterday's Traffic Jam post - fortunately that is unusual for my commute as I travel opposite most of the traffic. The only slow times are when, as Monday, there is an accident. Really doesn't matter where it occurs because people will slow down to look regardless. And while this one was on the far right in my lanes (completely closed down the right lane for that matter), even the oncoming traffic was slowed so folks could glance over.

I passed by the wreck and began moving back to normal speed about 10 minutes after I took the photo. And Mr. Traffic Guy then came back on the radio stating there was an accident and it appeared the right lane was closed. I flipped the station to some music and cruised on in.

Now off this machine so I can enjoy the Thursday version of the commute. ;)


  1. Reminds me of commuting from Orange County to L.A. That was what traffic looked like on a good day. An accident meant hours and hours of delays.

    No traffic in Cinci :)

  2. So glad I don't live in a big city! My version of a traffic jam is getting behind a tractor or combine...lol!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog...I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe you'll get a money windfall too and we can both buy that camera!
    Love your 2Paws Designs - very cute and original!

  3. Next time you find yourself on the road say " When I am on the road things flow easily."

  4. Ppl always seem to stop/slow down to look at those things around here, too.

    OK, now I'm hooked on Daisy the Curly Cat! :-) Love her movies and I can't wait to see what new trick she's learning! TFS!! LOL

  5. man I am so glad I don't often drive in the city - traffic here is getting stopped at 2 different red lights on the main street

  6. bonjour!

    ça va?

    Merci for your message!!!

    yes, it's a lot of things to visit in Normandie, and a lot of miam miam things to eat!!! lol
    Mum made us crêpes this eve because it's still cold today.

    Bonne soirée!!!


  7. We're having a lot of construction in our area so it's causing some traffic jam...me no likey.

  8. we live in "hobunk" and don't deal with the insanity, but last weekend the Atlanta traffic was insane and I can't imagain doing that every day. Have a good weekend! Enjoy your downtime.

    P.S. I love your blog

  9. I hate being in traffic and I hate rubber neckers. That drives me insane.
    I hope traffic is better net week for you.


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