More Organization Ideas

I'm on a cleaning kick today. Straightening up and rearranging some of the items in my scrap room. It started off as a small project - working in room for a new album in my Crop In Style unit. Then exploded into "well, if I move this here...and that there..." I think you get the picture. ;) They aren't major changes, but hopefully will help me tidy up a bit and rework my expanding collection of pages & supplies.

If you're feeling in the mood to do a little reorganizing as well and need some inspiration, take a look at these fun blogs that share ideas from other scrappers: Crafty Storage & ScrapScene (I was included in the most recent post on ribbon storage HERE).

Or maybe browse the Craft Rooms group at Flickr.


  1. I always get on organizing binges...first its my paper...then the cabinets...then my closet...then my clothes...it's bad! I like some of the scrap organizing ideas/places you linked to. Thanks for supporting my habit! lol

  2. good luck when your organizing! I love organizing and love those links you included in your post!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll come back again! I'm all about organizing things too...I teach Art, so I have the summers off and that's one of the best things to do, because I finally have time to put thought and effort into it...it's crazy when organizing can be relaxing! :)

  4. Great links. TFS! I love reorganizing! It always inspires me to create!


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