Digital Scrapbook Prints

We ventured out into the heat briefly today to make a trip to the grocery store and the Post Office. I recently placed an order with ScrapbookPictures.com for prints of 13 of my digital scrapbook pages. I had the order shipped to our PO box versus home in case they arrived on a weekday in this heat. And, sure enough, they were there and waiting for us.

This was my first order from ScrapbookPictures.com and I am very pleased. I chose to order from them due to cost and positive comments on the message boards at Two Peas. Altogether, I ordered (2) 12x12 pages, (2) 8.5x11 pages, and (9) 8x8 pages all with a matte finish plus shipping for under $23. Definitely an excellent bargain.


  1. They look great! I haven't tried digital scrapping yet. I dont' think I'd know where to begin but I like the idea of working on something wherever I am without needing all my supplies.

    I love scrapbookpictures.com...I started ordering from them and have found them to be reliable and have good customer service and good deals.

  2. I ordered some pics from them a LONG time ago and was very happy. Your pages look great. :)

  3. I really need to try digital scrapbooking. heck, I need to try regular scrapbooking. I have all the ideas in my head but to actually do it is a whole nother story. I can't cut straight, And it seems nothing turns out the way I visualize it in my head. lol.

  4. They look very good!!
    I always wondered what you did with Diggi LO .
    I always thought they would be too hard to print out my self and I wouldent just want to keep them on a disk.

  5. what a great idea,
    and I just love the title in the front lo for Disney!

    now, if I could only figure out my PSE6..I'd be 'on' it!

  6. Good deal!:) I bet it's fun to have them in hand to see IRL instead of just on the screen.

  7. Wow...what a great price! I've never tried them but am on the lookout for an online service. I've read nothing but great comments about that company. Your pages look wonderful!


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