Thursday Thirteen #5: Motherhood

Thirteen things Motherhood has taught me so far...

  1. I can survive on very little sleep.
  2. I can get a bit irritable on very little sleep. ;)
  3. My "mommy instincts" are right for us more often than not.
  4. Burp cloths and spit up on the shoulder are fashion statements. LOL
  5. If he's going to spit up, it will be after a bath - not before.
  6. If I want Dylan in "cute" outfit for something, do not put it on him until seconds before.
  7. How to change a diaper in the dark and half asleep.
  8. Always pack a few more diapers than you think you will need.
  9. Naps are wonderful things.
  10. It's okay if the only thing I get done in a day besides caring for Dylan is taking a shower.
  11. I love spending my days with my son but also treasure my "me" time.
  12. It really is hard work.
  13. There is nothing better than his smiles & laughter...


  1. Aww but I´m sure he is worth all that, just look at that handsome face!!!


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