Organizing the Closet (again)

Trent & I spent last Saturday shopping at the outlets in Myrtle Beach since it was overcast and rainy most of the day. We both needed some new clothes and found many good deals. However, fitting the new stuff into the closet once home was going to be challenging as it was overflowing. I decided to set aside time this weekend to go through my clothes.

Before I started:
The shirts stacked above the drawers and those hanging on the bottom are mine. What a mess! Between those 2 spots and the bottom 2 drawers, I managed to clear out enough to fill one big box to donate.

Here's the same area after:
The space is small so it's awkward trying to get a good shot. I have some other shelves to sort through to the left of the drawers. Hopefully I'll get to them tomorrow. It is nice to have some breathing space in there again.

While sorting through my clothes, I came across a cute striped tank top I bought about 4 years ago and had never worn. Oops. It sat too low on me so I had planned to take up the straps. Instead, it disappeared into the closet until I came across it yesterday.

And, as you can probably guess from the photo, it took on a new life last night as a bag. Totally adorable.


  1. Great job organizing your closet!

    I saw the bag on your esty... It's cute! (I need to win the lottery)

  2. Your closet looks great! I need to do the same thing. Love that striped top/bag! :-)

  3. The closet looks great, it always feels good to purge. Cute new bag.

  4. The shirt-turned-bag was a totally genius idea! And very cute to boot...

    Don't you just love a nice, organized closet? It's one of the very few spots in my house that I can actually keep that way (well for the most part, lol). I just "rainbowed" my shirts and it looks fun that way if not more organized.

    Sh...every once in awhile, usually when I can't find any hangers, I have to purge some of DH's shirts. I'm not sure he'd ever do it on his own!


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