New blog toys

I've been having fun playing around with my blog and discovering cool new web gadgets and gizmos. Most recently I added 3 new features. The first has been around for a few weeks and you may or may not have noticed it. It's called SmartLinks. Basically, I added a small piece of script that, when I include supported links in my blog, you'll see a little blue icon beside the link. Click on it and get a variety of links related to that item. For example, the book I'm currently reading is Saving Graces by Elizabeth Edwards. Click on the SmartLinks icon to find book reviews, etc. AdaptiveBlue, the company behind SmartLinks, is also the brains behind the Amazon Gift List widget in the right hand column. A fun way to share some Christmas ideas with friends and family.

The third fun tool I added is located at the bottom of my posts. It's a bookmark button by AddThis. Simply click and you can bookmark my post. ;)


  1. Sarah, you're awesome. Thanks for the kind words about AdaptiveBlue and our SmartLinks and widgets.

    The widgets and SmartLinks are integrated with 1-click installs and if any of your readers want some help they can drop me a line. fraser [dot] kelton [at] gmail [dot] com.

    And let's go Blue Devils! :)


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