Back up and running

Last night our computer wasn't "playing nice" so to speak and we were unable to get online. Long story short, after toying with the Norton settings (the newer versions have wrecked havoc on the network connections at work so I thought maybe its update yesterday was the culprit), eventually uninstalling Norton and clearing off some junk programs (where in the world did the Family Feud game come from??), it still would not connect to the internet. As a last resort, Trent called our internet provider and VoilĂ ! - there was an outage in our area. Frustrating as it was at the time, I shouldn't complain too much. Being without the internet for one evening is far better than the folks who were without power here last night due to the wind. And tonight we have everything operational again including new anti-virus software by McAfee.

While not toying with the computer, I managed to create another card for my Christmas memories last night. I scanned a copy of our Christmas cards I was working on for the front of it. I try to get cat cards every year.
Supplies: Provo Craft patterned paper; Scenic Route cardstock sticker; Making Memories epoxy & cardstock stickers; Bazzill green cardstock; Micron black pen & Uniball Signo white pen.

Tonight's card includes a photo I took of Chester this morning. He loves sitting under the Christmas tree. I was searching for him to say goodbye (yes, I tell my cats goodbye before I leave the house) and couldn't find him. Glanced over at the tree before heading out and there he was - peering out at me from beneath it. I took a quick photo and then headed out. :)
Supplies: Creative Imaginations patterned paper; Karen Foster rub-on; Making Memories mini metal index tabs; misc navy blue cardstock; Uniball Signo white pen.

2ps blog challenge:
Share with us what the weather is like in your area.
Relatively mild during the day (highs in the 50s-60s) and chilly at night (low 30s). Very, very dry as we're still in a bad drought that started over the summer. While I'm thankful for no hurricanes this year, it is a shame we didn't at least get a tropical storm. Our water supplies are drying up quickly even with harsher restrictions being enforced.


  1. I always get so much done when I don't have internet...wonder why?!?! LOL

    Cute cards!

  2. I hate computer problems - at least you found out what it was. My external hard drive just decided to quit? Don't know how or why, but it did!

  3. I get so frustrated if our internet doesn't work for some reason. Glad you go it fixed:)

  4. Love the cards you've been doing! Such a fun idea!

    And you're a blogging maniac! Sorry you had some computer issues, but glad they're fixed!

  5. I am glad you are up and running again. The cards are so darn cute...

  6. The cards are SO cute, and so is Chester! :)

    I always get tons done when the Internet is not available!


  7. No one likes being without a computer with internet! :)

    Love the cards, super cute!

  8. Glad you got your computer problems fixed. I hate it when I can't log on when I want to. Cute cards!

  9. These cards are so much fun! What a great idea :) Our internet also went out for a while last night because of the weather...I had to go and fold laundry instead! Ugh! :)

  10. I love cat cards! Before Spouse, I used to send cat cards, too. :-) And I say good-bye to our cats when I leave, too. I actually kiss them good-bye! :-) Janet


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