Bee Movie

After Trent came home from work tonight, we went to see Bee Movie - very cute and very funny. Some of it was corny humor, but I was laughing nonetheless.

Afterwards we just about finished up our Christmas shopping between Pier1 and Michael's. And we made a brief visit to PetSmart for more food for the cats & fish. Gotta feed the critters. ;)

I've been playing in my scrap area since we came home. Had fun creating tonight's card with my ticket stub from the movie. Do you see my "hidden" title? ;)
Supplies: KI Memories patterned paper; Martha Stewart Crafts flower sticker; Making Memories button & TinyAlpha letter; QuicKutz stem & leaf from the Sunshine gift set; Uniball Signo white pen. Inspired by Dec 13 of dw2007 to "design a creative title."

2ps blog challenge:
Are there any family heirlooms in your possession? Tell about them and how you came to acquire them. Have you done a layout about it.
Maureen's prompt tonight really got me thinking. We do have a few items I would consider heirlooms. Most are pieces of furniture - for example, the dresser in our guest bedroom belonged to his grandparents. That particular item we came to own after they decided to sell their house and move into a retirement community. They wanted to pass down items to family members and I specifically asked if we could have the dresser. It's beautiful solid wood. Worn from time & use, but to us, that makes it more special.

I realized after reading the prompt that I have not scrapped about our various heirlooms. Reason to do so is sitting in my bedroom - our bed came from my great-grandparents home in southwestern Virginia. No one has lived in the house for years, but it is still family owned and mainly stores extra furniture, dishes, etc. I asked my grandfather for it in 1999 when I moved to my first apartment. Beyond the fact that it was in that house, no one can seem to recall who it belonged to. I want to scrap the known history of our special items so future generations will realize why these items carried such personal value to us.


  1. Glad the movie was good and congrats on getting your shopping pretty much done!

    Sounds like you've got some new thigns to scrap too!

  2. We saw the Bee Movie during Thanksgiving break. Kiddos thought it was "a little funny." We rented Santa Claus 3 to watch tonite!

    I'm still working on holiday shopping, but that's ok b/c I love it :)

  3. I enjoyed the BEE Movie too, but you are right...CORNY!

  4. Took DD to the Bee Movie on its first weekend. It was a really fun movie for us! I hope you enjoyed it too!


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