Web Game to Help Fight Hunger

Initially, I wasn't certain what I would blog about tonight. I do have a cheat sheet of sorts (a spot where I jot down ideas) and, as those who know me will attest, I can yak away. So, no fear - I can type away too. ;) LOL

But then Trent & I sat down while waiting on dinner to cook and watched the CBS Evening News tonight. Honestly, I don't even recall the last time we sat down to watch the news, but am grateful we caught this program tonight. Katie Couric brought up a new website that is helping to fight hunger across the globe all while the participants simply play a vocabulary game. Sounds odd, I know. But the facts are there.

The website is FreeRice.com. Anyone can visit and try their hand at the game on the site. Every correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. The financial backing is provided by sponsorship companies. This simple game is raising awareness about the crisis of hungry people across the world and, since it's start on Oct 7, 2007 through yesterday, has donated 1,897,053,670 grains of rice (FreeRice Totals). Now that is impressive.

If you find a free moment to spare, head over to FreeRice.com and give it a try. You'll definitely help a fellow child of God and you might learn a thing or two at the same time. :)

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  1. Ok I'm off to go earn some rice for them! Or at least try!

  2. Ok got to 1250 before I got bored. Will do more later.


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