Magical Week

Home again. :) My husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. But, rather than just enjoy a day - we flew to Orlando last Saturday and spent the week at Walt Disney World. We visited all four theme parks, Downtown Disney and the waterpark, Blizzard Beach. It turned out to be a wonderful time to visit - not crowded at all and comfortable weather (almost chilly at times!). Definitely a fun way to celebrate.

The photo at the left was taken on Sunday during a break in a tour we went on - Keys to the Kingdom. This 5 hour tour literally took us backstage at the Magic Kingdom from behind Main Street USA to underground in the "utilidor" tunnels that run b
elow the park. Our tour guide was full of interesting tidbits about the park that we might have otherwise missed including where to spot a couple hidden Mickeys.

Speaking of which, we spotted Mickey's likeness high and low throughout the parks and resorts.

And, of course, we saw a lot of characters (pun intended :D ). But probably most surprising was a visit by Tinker Bell.

I could probably write on and on - it was a week's worth of fun - but I still have over 300 photos to sort through and at least 2 more bags to unpack....


  1. Oh my goodness, love that Tinkerbell photo and the look on your faces are just too awesome! Glad you had a good time. Sorry about the food poisoning, got that on the way home from our honeymoon in New Orleans years ago--still makes me shiver to remember.

  2. I love that Tinkerbell pic and I'm a little jealous too I might add! Sounds like you guys had a great trip and can't wait to start seeing some of those layouts!


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