Small Space Organization {Kitchen}

My husband & I own a relatively small home. While we purge regularly, our lack of storage space can sometimes make things feel and seem more cluttered. Here are four of my favorite small space organizers:

Gravity-Feed Can Rack from The Container Store
This rack fits perfectly in one o
f the upper cabinets in our kitchen. We typically keep multiple of a single canned food type so the rack makes it easy to locate exactly what we want and see whether or not it's time to restock.

Replace any outlet cover with the Socket-Pocket and instantly add a small pocket to hold your electronic device while it's charging. Each package contains 2 Socket-Pockets. We placed one in our kitchen for cell phone charging.

Sink Front Tip-Out Trays by Rev-A-Shelf
Small plastic trays to add in the "wasted" space behind drawer inserts at sinks. We added a set of these in our kitchen to hold sponges, bottle brush, etc. but they could also be used in a bathroom or laundry room.

Tray Dividers by Knape & Vogt
Our kitchen has a very skinny cabinet to the left of the stove. Basically, it was useless to us. It had a shelf in it and just wasn't deep or wide enough to hold much of our kitchen items. I found these dividers online and picked them up from Woodworker's Supply. Then came the fun - convincing my husband to help me literally rip the shelf out of it so I could put these in. Now that "useless" cabinet holds all of our baking pans and cooling racks.


  1. Great ideas. Love the socket pocket. Happy Anniversary. See ya back on the 9th!


  2. Wow! I love all your storage ides! Especially the one for the cell phones - I hate seeing all our phones on the counter!

  3. Great ideas for organizing! I'm loving those things that go behind the false front of the kitchen sink. Were they hard to put together?

    Love that you are full of ideas!


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